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Start Your Own Process Server Business

Looking for a business with a six-figure income potential that doesn't come with a big startup or operating cost? A business where you can set your own hours and work from home? Your search has just ended! You are about to learn about the business of process serving.

Process Servers "serve" (deliver) legal documents to parties involved in court cases in accordance with the process dictated by their state. Everyone has a legal right to due process of law under the Constitution of the United States. Process servers ensure that right by properly serving notices and court orders to those involved in matters before the court. Requirements are few to become a qualified process server. Most states have no licensing or education requirements at all. Others may require an appointment by the court or passing a qualification examination. In just about all jurisdictions requirements are easily satisfied.

Even though requirements are minimal for becoming a process server it is essential to know how to make proper service, the different methods of service, what records are required, how to prepare affidavits of service, how to locate recipients, and how to provide proof of proper service when required. The key to success is becoming more than a process server - it's becoming a Serve Master! And you have found the method to do just that. Through the Serve Master program...

You will learn about:

  • Soliciting clients and obtaining assignments,
  • Inexpensive methods of promoting your service,
  • The laws and requirements of all states,
  • Making and documenting proper service,
  • The different types of service,
  • What to charge for your services,
  • Record keeping and invoicing clients,
  • Methods of generating additional income,
  • Sharing business with other members,
  • and much more!

You will receive:

  • Access to our comprehensive Serve Master manual,
  • Access to all state laws and regulations,
  • Access to affordable state-of-the-art software,
  • The ability to network with other members,
  • Business from other Serve Master members,
  • The ability to assign remote jobs to other members,
  • The secrets to positively verifying service,
  • Toll-free telephone support from experienced servers,
  • A zero-cost website to promote your business,
  • In short, everything needed to become successful!

So, let's cut to the chase! How much can you earn as a Serve Master. A lot depends on the going rate for the service of process in your state or area. Process servers get much more for their service in New York, as an example, than servers in Florida. So let's throw out a round figure that is typical in many areas. We'll use $60 per routine serve. Let's not even consider higher rates for rush service and multiple serves at the same location. We'll just consider routine service and treat everything else as gravy. At $60 per serve, how many papers would you have to serve per week to earn, say $1,000? Seventeen! Just 17 serves per week would earn you $53,000 per year, and the average serve takes between 30 minutes and two hours. How many hours do you want to work per day? How much do you want to earn? You do the math. Research done by and put the median annual income for a process server at $70,000. And, as you grow you can hire servers to work for your company and pay them a portion of your fee. It's truly a recession proof industry with limitless opportunity. As long as the courts are in business - there will be papers to serve!

Now, put away all the drama you've seen about process servers on TV. You are just acting as a messenger for the court and are unlikely to ever experience an unpleasant encounter. The people you are serving understand your position and hold no personal grudge against you. When service is made correctly and politely process serving is as safe as any other profession. Some of the most successful process servers in the country are women. The industry is open to any conciencious, honest person with a strong work ethic.

That said, process serving is not for everyone. It is, by no means, a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes work. It takes being out in the field. It may take returning to an address two or three times to find someone at home. You may have to work some evenings and some early mornings to catch the recipient at home or at work. It's not a walk-in-the-park, but you are your own boss! You set the hours you work and work the days you want. And, you are generating an income for yourself - not for some stiff shirt sitting behind a mahogany desk.

Female process server

Serve Master has put together a program that works! A method of learning the business from experienced process servers, with full telephone support and the necessary software to produce field sheets, affidavits, invoices, etc. And it's yours for... ( are you ready for this?) drum roll please... free! Click the "Details" button for more.

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