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Training is Free!

In these difficult economic times it's hard to find a legitimate business that can be started on a shoe-string budget with virtually unlimited potential. Process Servers are in high demand throughout the United States. Each year, process serving businesses generate approximately $1.9 billion of revenue while providing jobs to more than 15,000 persons. Annual payrolls in each of the last five years has exceeded $500 million. This is a mature industry with a national growth rate of approximately 16%, providing you with a truly unique opportunity to own a recession-proof business that's here to stay.

So is the startup package really free? Yes! All we require is that you register for access to our Process Server Assignment Management package, which is not only a necessity to operate you business but the lowest cost comprehensive package available anywhere. Most comprable programs run over $100 per month. The ProcesServer Network package is just $39 per month and it allows you to interact with clients, network with other members, share business, track assignments, produce affidavits, invoice clients and the works. There is absolutely no contract involved. Subscribe to the software package, study the manual, and go for it! If you decide process serving is not for you simply cancel your subscription. Your total investment would be the $39 for your first month of service. As a bonus you will even receive your own website to give you that important Internet presence, and you will be able to produce your official process server ID card online.

You will receive our comprehensive start-up manual containing details on everything from setting up & promoting your business, to serving your first paper & the laws and requirements for each and every state. If you run into trouble you will have toll-free support from a professional process server with years of experience in the field, and that support will continue for as long as you are in business. We'll walk hand-in-hand with you as you embark on your new career as a professional Serve Master.

Click the F.A.Q. button for answers to most of your questions then let's get started building your business!